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The 4 Competitive Strengths of eritz

1. A leading brand with complete range of upholstered home furniture & modern furniture products
Unlike the majority of our local peers who are principally involved in the manufacturing and sale of wood-based products, eritz offers a complete range of upholstered home furniture which includes upholstered sofas, upholstered dining chairs (complete with dining tables), in addition to upholstered bed frames.

2. Integrated Manufacturing Operations
As a fully integrated home furniture manufacturer, we are involved in the various key stages of the manufacturing process of our own products. Hence, eritz able to have better control over the quality of our products as well as our production costs.

3. Outstanding Product Design and Development
eritz's in-house R&D facilities include a design workshop and prototyping laboratory. eritz's R&D team in headed by our Managing Director and he is aided by team of more than 10 capable and experienced personnel.

4. Strong Commitment to Quality
eritz places great emphasis on producing quality home furniture products that meet the demands and expectations of customers. eritz not only commits to undertake continuous improvements in product designs, but also the manufacturing process of the product in order to maintain the consistency of output quality.



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